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Enzymes for various environmental issues

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Enzymes for sewage water treatment
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    US $ 0.00 - 25.00 / Kilogram(s)
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    20 Kilogram(s)
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    Mumbai, India
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    7 days after payment
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    Bioclean STP
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    Micro encapsulated po...
  • Odour:
    Yeast like
  • Colour:
    Pale white
Product Description

Bioclean is acustomized natural microbial / enzymatic product with specific strains that help to work treatment plant with less power consumption

Bioclean is the unique biological formulation and a 100% green technology for best biomass reinforcement in aeration tank

Bioclean is a consortium of vigorous and specific microbes that are good at degrading organic pollutants and can effectively help to maintain the outlet parameters of effluent within limits

Uniqueness :

Most economical and eco-safe solution for treating industrial effluents. All our products are formulated at our in-house DSIR approved R & D laboratory and Haffkine certified manufacturing unit.

Benefits :

  1. Reinforce active biomass for optimum performance of treatment plant

  2. Maximum reduction of refractory COD and BOD in the effluent

  3. Effectively reduces the ammonical nitrogen, color and odor during biological treatment

  4. Maintains optimum sludge and proper MLSS development, ie. increases healthy / active biomass content in aeration tank

  5. Helps to enhance better food : microorganisms ratio

  6. Contributes majorly for very less power consumption

  7. Reduce biomass/ Sludge generation

  8. Superior product that can easily handle toxic / shock load in treatment plant

  9. Ideal product to improve ETP efficiency

  10. Improved nitrification and denitrification process