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Polyurethane (PU) Foam Pre-insulated Air Conditioning Duct Panel
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    1000 Square Meter(s)
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    China (Mainland)
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Product Description

The GOOT® Polyurethane (PU) Foam Pre-insulated Air Conditioning Duct is like no other insulated ductwork system. It is the most advanced and nnovative energy saving system of air-distribution ductwork available worldwide. Ductwork is fabricated using rigid insulation panels in sections up to 4m and can provide the optimum energy saving and environmental solution in comparison with other types of ductwork. The system consists of Phenolic Pre-insulated Duct Panels, fabrication methods, jointing systems and a complete line of accessories to produce a System where air leakage can be reduced to a fraction of that typical of sheet metal ductwork.

The GOOT ® PU Foam Preinsulated Duct System is the clear leader in new generation pre-insulated ductwork. It offers the triple benefits of cutting energy, cutting carbon and cutting cost whilst already having proved itself in its highly competitive marketplace. Being based on a phenolic resin it has outstanding fire characteristics and extremely low smoke emission when exposed to a flame source.

Advantages compared to traditional insulated Sheet Metal Ductwork:

Do it in one time, no lag insulation required, save the labor and cost.

Save the buiding space

Very light, decrease the total weight of building

Little air leakage by flange joint connectting

Low thermal conductivity, no condensation and energy saving

Closed cell foam, good acoustic insulation

Fire proof, no smoke when exposing to fire

Faced with aluminum foil, it’s water proof and anti-microbial

CFC and HCFC free, environment friendly