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    gas displacement
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G-DenPyc 2900 gas pycnometer helium true density analyzer introduction

A gas pycnometer operates by detecting the pressure change resulting from displacement of gas by a solid object. Expanding a quantity of gas at known pressure into an empty chamber and measuring the pressure establishes a baseline. Then a sample is placed in the chamber and the chamber is resealed. The same quantity of gas at the same pressure is again expanded into the sample chamber, and the pressure is measured. The difference in the two pressure combined with the known volume of the empty sample chamber allows the volume of the sample to be determined by way of the gas law. The accuracy and precision of the gas pycnometer in determining density is good, but the method relies greatly on the cleanliness of the sample material and purity of the analysis gas. In this case, Gold APP Instruments had explored a smart sample preparation degasser for materials handle, can guarantee to gain the "cleanliness" testing data.


G-DenPyc 2900 gas pycnometer helium true density analyzer application

Apply to research and quality control for below materials: ceramic, catalysts, filter medium, nuclear fuel, oil & chemical industry, soil, fertilizer, carbon black, hard coke, fiber, minerals, pharmacy, cosmetics, cement, powdered foodstuff, desiccant (drying agent), powdered metal, ion exchange resin, silicon gel, alumina, titanium dioxide, solid foam etc.


G-DenPyc 2900 gas pycnometer helium true density analyzer parameters

  1. Analysis Method: Volume displacement method/gas expansion principle

  2. Versatility: true (also terms as real, absolute, apparent or skeletal) density analysis, rigid foam materials’ percentage of open/closed spaces analysis

  3. Experimental Pressure: external vacuum pump is available, can adopt negative pressure (0-1Bar) or positive pressure (1-2Bar) two modes to analysis

  4. Accuracy: accuracy ±0.02%, repeatability ±0.01%, resolution can reach 0.0001 g/cc

  5. Sample Ports: three samples analysis simultaneously and independently

  6. Pressure Accuracy: imported high-precision pressure transducer, accuracy can reach 0.05% F.S., stability 0.025% F.S.

  7. Adsorbate Gas: high purity Helium or air or Nitrogen


G-DenPyc 2900 gas pycnometer helium true density analyzer features

  1. Data Reduction: high-precision PρT gas density calculation model eliminates measurement errors caused by non-ideality gas state, can increase analysis accuracy

  2. Thermostatic System: analysis modules designed with thermostatic system can control temperature up and down easily, also hold modules stay at the best temperature(25 C) which can restrain transducer reading’s temperature drift and keep system temperature uniformity; System can maintain temperature at a fixed value for some fixed-temperature-required samples

  3. Control System: programmable logic controller (PLC) system obtains high integration and strong anti-interference, software operated fully automated analysis enables freely choose of multi measurement modes

  4. Analysis Management: programmable built-in system, touch screen, USB type external keyboard and mouse, operated by connecting to computer is available

  5. Manifolds System: patented V-Sorb monolithic manifolds system can improve sealing performance and reduce dead space largely, enhance system temperature’s uniformity and anti-interference ability, all lead to a high accuracy and repeatability data

  6. Splash-proof Measures: installed with adetachable filter in sample cell’s bottom, can prevent samples be suctioned into manifolds; inputting gas from bottom of cavity can avoid samples splash and software controlled H-Sorb two-stage-stepping mode further ends splash happening

  7. Sample Container: 50mm (diameter) and 180ml (500ml is available) big cylinder sample cell is convenient for samples filling; Exclusive G-DenPyc filling technology supports to choose different volumetric aluminum blocks to fill cell instead change other sizes cells according to samples’ volume, this innovative method realizes minimal free space in cells and improve experiment accuracy

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