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plasma welding machine
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Product Description

Plasma arc is the slender arc formed by compressing the high-temperature ion airflow when it spurting from the pores of the nozzles,its temperature can reach 18000-24000K,which is higher than the common free arc.For example, the argon arc only can reach 5000-8000K.As the plasma arc is slender and with high energy density, it is used in welding widely.
a、The welding deformation is small;
b、 Shorten the preparation time;
c、 Its welding speed is as fast as 3 to 6 times of ordinary argon welding.
d、 Realize one-sided welding and two-sided forming;
e、 It can weld various kinds of metal with few defects,realize high-quality welding.
f、 It can product repeatedly and is not easy to be polluted and burned.