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Putty Powder
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Product Description

BEIPENG SHOUHAO putty powder is a kind of water resistant polymeric putty for concrete or mortar walls and ceilings. It has superior adhesive strength, durability and increases life of paints. It renders a smooth and durable surface suitable for all kinds of paint, provides waterproof surface excellent smoothness, good adhesion, good breathing properties and seals porosity for uniform deposition of finished paint.

Our putty powder has no ingredients which are harm to human, such as benzene and formaldehyde, and is not scabbing, efflorescing and chapping. The family can move into the house right after the decoration.

It has been widely used for interior and exterior construction cement mortar wall, wall and ceiling plastered with concrete, lime, plaster and which uses cleats as substrate.

Key Features:

Ø Strong adhesion

Ø Soft feature to prevent paint cracking

Ø Repair walls

Ø Causing no drying and shrinking, easy to grind

Ø Causing no swelling, long service life