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3000mah Cordless Makita Power Tool Battery 18V Black color
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Specification: - - - -Cell type: |Lithium Ion Li-on |Model: |BL1830 |Voltage: |18V |Capacity: |Full 3000mAh - upgrading with higher capacity Power Cell makes higher capacity than Original Pack |Condition: |Replacement OEM Battery (NOT Genuine) |Replace code: |BL1830, BL1845 194205-3, LXT400 |Product color: |Black |Product weight: |0.6 kg |- - - - Features: - The RP-BL1830 Lithium-Ion Battery boasts more power, and a better fit for your tools. - Charging at any time and full charged quickly within 15 minutes - Self-discharge keeps battery cells active and ready for use - Built-in memory chip memorizes the usage history and communicates with the charger - Built-in fan cools the battery to produce more lifetime work Fits Model: BHP451 BHP451SFE BDF451 BDF451Z BTD140 BTD140SFE BTD140Z BTW251 BSS501 BSS610 BSS610Z BSS610SFE BJR181 BJR181Z BVR450Z BJV180 BML184 BML185(FlashLight) BJS130 BDA350 BFS450 BHR202 BHP454 BTD141 BTDW251Z BTP140 BTD141Z BTD144Z BFR750 BHR202RFE BTD144 BTL063 BTL061 BTL063Z BTL061Z BHP452 BHR240 BHR240Z BDF452SHE BDF454RFE BFR450RFE BGA452RFE BHP452SHE BHP454RFE BJR181RF BJV180RF BSS610RF BTD140RFE BTD142SHE BTD145RFE BTP140RFE BTW251RFE BTW450RFE BVR450RFE BDF451RFE BHP451RFE BKP180RFE BDF452Z BDF454Z BFR450Z BGA452Z BHP452Z BHP454Z BHR202Z BJR181Z BJV180Z BSS610Z BTD140Z BTD142Z BTD145Z BTP140Z BTW251Z BTW450Z BKP180Z BGD800Z BGD801Z BVC350Z BCF201Z BCL180Z BCS550Z BDA351Z BFS450Z BHP452Z BJS130Z BJS161Z BPB180Z BUB182Z BMR100 BDF452Z