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Product Description

Quick Details

Adsorbent Variety:

Calcium Chloride Container Desiccant



Model Number:


Place of Origin:

Guangzhou, China (Mainland)


Up to 300% for 60-90days after its fully maximized.


Coating, Electronics, Leather, Paper, Rubber, Textile , Furniture, Hardwood Floor, Shoes against moisture damage.


Dry Strip & Dry Pole

CAS No.:



Environmentally Friendly, DMF Free, RoHS, REACH From SGS, TUV


Product Description


If a container is loaded during high temperatures and the relative humidity is about 80%-90%, then the possibility of condensation occurring is substantial when the temperature is begins to drop.

Why it is raining in my container?

Container rain will occur if the surface temperature of an object is equal or lower than the dew point temperature. If the relative humidity is lowed with the absorbing properties of TOPDRY Desiccant for container, the dew point temperature is also lowered, stopping container rain.

What is Dew Point Temperature?

" Dew Point Temperature " is the temperature at which water vapor begins to condense into a surface forming liquid water. The liquid that results inside a container is called "Container Rain".

What can I do to against damaging moisture?

TOPDRY Desiccant Bag for container is the new generation of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of condensation. TOPDRY desiccant innovative design allows water vapor to enter the interior of the bag easily, where it is transformed into a thick gel and will not leak, escape or spill.

TOPDRY Calcium chloride Desiccant Container dry bag for container helps keep the dew point temperature below the actual temperature, even when the actual temperature drops within the shipping container due to temperature fluctuation.


Quality Index: At 25 degree C,








1. High security: no harm or poison for human beings and non-toxic and tasteless;

2. Excellent absorption ability: as high as 250%;

3. Prevent the cargoes going mould or corrosion and rust in warehouse or shipping

4. Top absorbent ability and good packing material;

5. Stable chemical properties, not with any physical reaction eliminated alkali and hydrofluoric acid, strong mechanical strength;

6. Good thermal stability, It is also called dehumanize as a solid material in adsorb or absorb water vapor.


Calcium Chloride Desiccant Against Moisture Corrosion for Garment/Leather/Textile

1.Weight: Form 10g-2000g

2. Packing Material: Tyvek Paper + Non-woven Paper, , etc.

3.Printing Words: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, etc. according to your requirement.

4. Certificate: TOPDRY Desiccant are tested by SGS, TUV, Have REACH, RoHS, DMF Free Test Report.


TOPDRY Calcium chloride Container Desiccant Customer FAQ:

*How can container desiccant dry pole work when it's inside cargo/container?

The materials used to make TOPDRY desiccant are specifically chosen to be breathable. Once the Water vapour passes through them, will be absorb and turn to gel, not water will escape.

* Does container dry pole comes ready to use?

YES. TOPDRY container desiccant does not need to be 'generated' before use. It is always sold (packs or pole/box) in a dry condition, ready for use

*How long can container dry pole be usefully stored?

The shelf life of TOPDRY Desiccant is around 12 months (although practical experience has shown that it can often far exceed this). The crucial factor is to keep it in a sealed environment until it is needed for use. it will, of course, absorb moisture from any environment. Although the moisture uptake rate is not fast, small sachets can be particularly vulnerable to poor storage.

Each piece of TODPRY desiccant is packed in single PE bag, we guarantee all TOPDRY desiccants are packed and stored in good condition.

* How much water vapour can CaCl2 Container desiccant hold?

Calcium chloride will adsorb up to 200%-300% of its own weight in moisture.

*Do Calcium chloride dangerous?

TOPDRY Calcium chloride desiccant is non-toxic and non-flammable, it is very inert with a very high ignition point. It is very much like floor and thus can safely be sent by any means of transport.

*Does Calcium chloride get wet as it adsorbs water?

No, it absorb water inside mixed with starch turn to gel and solid, lock down the moisture/humidity efficiently, without leakage.

* Calcium chloride is a desiccant then?

Yes, it adsorbs water vapour by physical means, not a chemical reaction. Water vapour is attracted inside the Calcium chloride powder and turns to gel solid.

Factory Information:

Lindia Chemical (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd is a dynamic young company established in the year 2005 in Guangzhou of China. It is provided with a wide range of packaging materials and Calcium Chloride based desiccants. Various products have been sold to global customers and won the support and trust from customers for top quality material, elaborate manufacture and reasonable price.

TOPDRY products are mainly used in furniture, agri product, food instruments, leather garments and household appliances. Our desiccants are in the leading position in the desiccant industry; the quality and stability have won the praise and get the trust of our customers.

Basic Information:

Business Type:


Product/Service (We Sell):

Desiccant, Container Desiccant, Calcium Chloride Desiccant, for 10g-2000g for mini box and shipping container against moisture.



Number of Employees:


Factory Size (Sq.meters):

8000-12000 square meters

Factory Location:

Lindia Chemical, Xingye Rd, #1307 B Building, Nancun Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou 511442, China


Third Parties

Number of Production Lines:


Number of R&D Staff:

20 People

Number of QC Staff:

50 People


ISO 9001:2000 REACH, RoHS DMF Free Test Report

Trade & Market

Main Markets:

North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe

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Export Percentage:


Production Capacity:

TOPDRY Desiccant: 1300 Ton/year

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North America


South America


Eastern Europe


Southeast Asia






Mid East


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South Asia


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