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13X Molecular Sieve
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Product Description

Molecular Sieve 13X is the sodium form of the type X crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type A crystals.The pore size 13X molecular sieve is about 10 Å . It can adsorb any molecular smaller than 10 Å , mainly used as catalyze carrier, co-adsorption of CO2 and H2O, H2O and H2S, as desiccant for medical and air compressor system, and can also be adjusted to fit other various applications.

Molecular Sieve 13X is mainly used for refinement since it implements simultaneous absorption for bi-molecule and tri-molecule and can be applied for liquefied and gaseous materials on the whole. Main adsorbing target are carbon dioxide, sulfuretted hydrogen and mercaptan including water and it can adsorb all the material whose molecular diameter is less than 10A.

Will adsorb, in sequence of adsorption rate, SF6, CHCL3, CHBr3, CHI3, N-C3F8, CCL4, N-C4F10, N-C7H16, CBr4, C6H6, B5H10, (CH3)3N, C(CH4)4, (C2H5)3N, C(CH3)C3CL, C(CH3)3Br, and C(CH3)3CH.The main uses are as follows.

1) Air refining (removing CO2 and H2O)
2) Removal of mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide from natural gas using patented Zeochem technology
3) Removal of mercaptans and hydrpogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquid streams (LPG, butane, propane etc.)
4) Oxygen PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process
5) special double glass (removing solvent and grease)

Formula: Na2O·Al2 O3·2.45SiO2·6.0H2O

Technical parameter:

Shape PelletSphere
Diameter 1.5-1.7 3.0-3.3 1.0-1.6 2.5-5.0
Size Ratio Up to Grade % Min 98 98 96 96
Bulk Densityg/ml Min 0.61-0.70 0.60-0.70 0.61-0.70 0.61-0.70
Wear Ratio% Max 0.20 0.25 0.20 0.20
Crushing StrengthKg Min 5.90 4.08
Static Adsorption% Min 25 25 25 25
CO2 Air Adsorption% Min 14 14 14 14
Moisture Content
% Max 2.0 2.0 2.0


Molecular Sieve Type 13X can be regenerated by evacuating or purging, usually at elevated temperatures. The purge gas temperature must be sufficiently high to bring the molecular sieve to a level of 250°C - 300°C. A properly regenerated molecular sieve can produce dew points below -100°C, mercaptans and CO2 levels <2 ppmv


  • 25kg carton box. Inner package, vacuumized with aluminum foil.

  • 55 gallon iron drum.

  • As requirement of consumers.


Do not unpack the goods until using, avoid of exposure in air for a long time.

Should be stuffed as rapid as possible at filling.