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pcb board cutter PCB cutting machine PCB separator CAB Maestro 4M
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PCB separator CAB Maestro 4M PCB V-cut machine deburring PCB cutter for doule-layer pcb

Samtech pcba cutter can apply to LED panel,fiberboard,aluminum plate,aluminum substrate, copper substrate,FR4, glass fiber board and so on.

PCB separator Include: PCB cutting machine, PCB V-cut machine, aluminum plate machine,Air driver PCBdepaneler, CAB maestro 4M pcb cutter, LED plate separator, online PCB separator, PCB punch separator, PCB router, PCB CNC Milling Machine, Programmable PCB Separator,Pneumatic PCB separator.

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ASC-508/509 pcb cutting machineTechnical specifications?

conveyor belt size: 1040mm(L) x 142mm(W) x 127mm(H) weight:11.3KG
conveyor belt packing size: 1090mm(L) x 192mm(W) x 177mm(H) weight:12.3KG
Model numberASC-508 (no conveyor belt)ASC-509 (with conveyor belt)
Machine size600*395*425mm600*395*425mm
Packing size640*420*450mm640*420*450mm
Size of the conveyor beltnone1040mm*142mm*127mm
Knife materialSHD61 imported high-speed steelSHD61 imported high-speed steel
Cutting speed 300,500mm/s300,500mm/s
Cutting thickness0.2-5mm0.2-5mm
circular knife size125mm(diameter)125mm(diameter)
Blade length360mm(length)360mm(length)
VoltageAC220/110V 50-60HZAC220/110V 50-60HZ
Machine weight43kg43kg+ 11.3kg
Packing weight54kg54+12.3KG

ASC-508, 509 feeding PCB cutter features:

1.ASC-508 separates both small and large pre-scored PCBs.
2.The table and the rest can be continuously adjusted to the most suitable working position. The slit between the linear blade and the rest can be adjusted to ensure that the side strips fall through and are sorted out.
3.Separation of aluminum-boards on request. Blades: Titan coated serially. Frequently for critical components an upper limit of tensile stress will be determined. Please ask us regarding possibilities to reduce tensile stress of components.
4.The PCB is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade and the circular blade is then drawn by hand across the PCB. The clearance between the upper guide and the linear blade ist adustable to ensure that the PCB is only separated in the pre-scored groove.

ASC-508, 509 pcb separator advantages:

1.After soldering the plate of connecting pieces, it often hurts lines or breaks the electronic parts when breaking.
This machine cuts with feed mode to reduce stress drastically, prevent the solder joint and parts from cracking
and improve the productivity and quality.
2.With circle knife above and anvil blade below, when the board flow to the anvil blade, shift the switch, and the anvil
blade move laterally to the set point, then the PCB board is cut off with smooth incision and no burrs.




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