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Supplying vacuum ultra-low frequency sound-proof windows soundproof windows soundproof glass soundproof windows
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    10 Square Meter(s)
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    12 days after payment
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    China (Mainland)
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    Sinemet soundproofing
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Installed soundproof windows election Sinemet soundproof windows, effectiveness and quality never allow you to rest assured!

The most professional manufacturer of vacuum type soundproof windows ---- Sinemet vacuum soundproof windows
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Product information:
Product Name: Ultra-low-frequency vacuum soundproof windows
Brand: Sinemet soundproofing
Item No: NM-CD1
Color: white or high-grade paint can also use eco-resin woods
Amount of noise: 45 db to -55 db applicable (near the viaduct, highway, road, railway stations, airports family)
Product features: noise, heat, insects, dust, wind, fire, UV, anti-theft
Frame profile: Authentic Wuhu Conch steel profiles, LG good good color steel sections, Ogilvy noise insulation bridge aluminum (domestic effect sound best, most affordable profiles Conch steel profiles)
Material: authentic Wuhu Conch steel sections, transparent safety glass (5mm + V + 8mm + V + 5mm V: Representative vacuum layer), spring brand hardware, energy saving British imports cladding seal, EPDM green rubber strip, GB 1.2mm steel liner
Open the way: push-pull, flat open
Open Type: Manual
Origin: Dongguan
Quality assurance: vacuum glazing warranty for 15 years, the entire window 3-year warranty free home repairs

Vacuum-type performance advantages soundproofed windows:
1. When air is compressed, PSG material can quickly absorb heat in the air, when the air expansion, in turn release energy quickly, effectively saving 40%;
2. High-density flexible glass can absorb more than 85% -90% of UV;
3. The higher the density of the material, the better the insulation performance, for the low-frequency noise absorption properties as possible, is the best choice for the road by residents;
4. When the strong impact, it will have a similar spider web-like network of fine cracks glass broken, will not hurt;
5. Good security performance, use a good door locks decorative hardware and advanced, multi-directional locking points increase, so that thieves can not start;
6. handsome in appearance, large area lighting, not the space.