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Best Quality PE Insulation/PVC Sheath Computer Shielded Cable with Individual and General Shielding
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    Power Cable
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Product Description

YITENG CABLE - Cable Manufacturer for 20 Years!

Product Description

Product Description:

Computer Shielded Cable (Cable for DSC system) is used as connection cable of inspection devices and instruments with high demand on interference resistant performance in computer net-work and control sys-tem.

1). Specification Scope:

Pair No.: 1~24 pairs

Core No. per pair: 2 cores (equal to 2 wire group ) or 3 cores (equal to 3 wire group)

Cross section of conductor: 0.5mm2, 0.75mm2, 1.0mm2,1.5mm2,2.5mm2

2). Executive standard:

Q/TK.J.04.030-2004 or BS5308 standard for reference

3). Performance for Usage:

a: AC rated voltageU0/U:300/500V. Long term work-ing temperature of cable conductor is 70 & 105 for cable with PVC insulation, 70 for cable with PE insula-tion and 90 for cable with XLPE insulation.(XLPE insu-lation includes silane XLPE & irradiation XLPE insulation.)

b: Min. environment temperature is -40 for fixed laying and -15 for non-fixed laying. Environment tem-perature shall be no less than 0 for installing.

c: Min.bending radius allowed by cable is no less than 6 times that of cable OD for non-armored soft cable or braided shielding cable and 12 times that of cable OD for cable with metallic tape wrapped shielding or steel wire/steel tape armor.

Company Information

Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.-- Cable Manufacturer

Yiteng Cable not only produce kinds of normal cables, like

» Aluminum Alloy Cable;

» Shielded Cable;

» Control Cable;

» Rubber Cable;

» ABC Cable;

» Power Cable;

but also produce cables of customers' special requirement. Let's win together!


Question and Answers!

1. When was Yiteng Cable founded?

Our factory was first establlished in Year 1994 and then it changed names several times.

2. What kinds of cables does Yiteng Cable produce?

1). Overhead Line Cables: Bare Conductor: AAC, AAAC, ACAR, ACSR;

ABC Cable( Aerial Bundle Cable): Solid Core, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex Service Drop, etc;

2). Alluminum Alloy Cable;

3). Shield Cable;

4). Control Cable;

5). Power Cable;

6). Special Cable in accordance with Customer's specific requirement.

3. What certificates does Yiteng Cable has been approved?

Yiteng Cable has been approved successfully by CCC, ISO9001 and ISO14001, SGS, etc;

4. What's the Minimum Order Quantity?

It depends on the production line. For the Overhead Line Cable, the production line is long, so the MOQ should be long enough for the production line to run.

5. Can customers audit Yiteng Cable?

Sure, Yiteng Cable alwlays welcome customers, home and aborad, come and audit the factory before cooperation. Cables in Yiteng can also be inspected by customers personally or the third party every time before shippment.

Experts of Yiteng Cable will always wait to answer all your questions!