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Sodium Caseinate
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Product Description

The sodium caseinate with quality yak milk from above the snow line as raw material, refined by scientific production technology, It contains a variety of essential amino acids and trace elements which the human body needs,It is both nutritional supplements and protein sources of all kinds of food,is the emulsion stabilizer and thickener, It has a good ability to enhance the viscous force,but also has particular foamability & gas-retaining of protein, The function in the food industry are moisture. Fresh aroma, improved quality,etc. The sodium caseinate was determined to be the unlimited use of food additives by the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO)Food Additives Committee,so it is widely used in meat products. Baking food and beverage industries.

Compositional Information

protein                            ≥90.00%


Fat                                  ≤2.00%

Ash                                 ≤6.00%

moisture                           ≤6.00%

Lactose                            ≤1.00%

Viscosity                           200-3000mpa.s

PH                                   6.0-7.5

Total Plate Count               ≤30000/g

Coliforms             ≤10/100g

Pb                                    ≤0.002%

Arsenic                              ≤0.0002%

Pathogenic Bacteria             Negative

Packaging: Multi-ply paper sacks with polyethylene liner,net weight 25kg.

Color: White or cream

Storage: Placed in dry bath, ventilation, clean warehouse

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production