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biogas Pressure meter
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Biogas pressure gauge with large range is suitable for the temperature from -25 degrees to 55 degrees,detection of weak acid,neutral,alkaline gas,is also widely used in low pressure gas pipeline,ventilated pipeline,biogas pipeline,biogas pool equipment etc.

The shell of biogas pressure gauge is made of ABS engineering plastic,the pointer part adopts special abrasion resistant polyoxymethylene resin plastic,the diaphragm is made from special silicone raw materials(it has acid and alkali resistance,but hasn’t grease resistance),the spring  is made of 304 stainless steel. The advantage of the gauge contains excellent shock resistance,strong durability,and it is not only simple in structure,but also is the excellent product in the market competition. It had awarded the best product of renewable energy source many years ,and purchased by biogas government units,accounting for more than 80% of the amount of biogas industry in government procurement.

2,Main technical parameters

Precision grade: YE-150-25kpa:2.5 grade   YE-60-16kpakpa:4 grade

Measuring range:Model specificationPressure rangeLink

dataBody thicknessBody total heightBody diameterYE-1500-25kpa 55mm185mm150mmYE-600-10kpa12 pipe line33mm115mm60mmYE-600-16kpa8 hose line33mm115mm60mm

3,Terms of use

Working environmental temperature:-25°C~+55°C.

Working environment:don’t use in oil gas.

Technical performance of the instrument conforms with standard of the industry standard NY/T858-2004 " capsule gauge ".

The gauge must be installed vertically, the relative temperature is not more than 80%,and the whole gauge don’t contact grease, or is used in the oil gas environment.

The gauge of YE-150 must be tightened with a wrench, please don’t push the above shell with your hands.