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Tubine wheel,Compressor wheel,Nozzle Guide Vanes,Nozzle ring,Lost wax casting

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close impeller stainless steel for outboard motor
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    US $ 1.00 - 1000.00 / Piece(s)
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    1 Piece(s)
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    30 days after payment
Product Description and truck turbocharger parts

2.marine and locomotive turbocharger parts

3.aviation turbojet engine spare parts

4.gas turbine ,steam turbine parts

5.oil, gas,chemical,pump, compressor parts

Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., LTD have more than 10 year’s experience in precision casting production , professional production and testing equipment to meet customers’ different requirements in precision casting.

Products and service :

Series 1: Car and truck turbocharger parts

Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, turbine

rotor, turbine wheel shaft, diffuser, turbine housing, compressor housing, etc.

Series 2: Marine and locomotive turbocharger parts

Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, diffuser, turbine blade, turbine housing, compressor housing, seal ring carrier、bearing support, etc.

Series 3: Aviation turbojet engine spare parts

Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle guide vanes, turbine blade, diffuser, intake casing, casing outer ring, inlet casing, jet nozzle, etc.

Series 4: Gas turbine, steam turbine parts

Turbine wheel, guide vane, compressor wheel, gas and steam turbine blade, etc.

Series 5: Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor parts

Pump impeller, close impeller, blower impeller, compressor impeller, water pump impeller, turbine blade, turbine impeller, Guide vane, etc.