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electric heat capacitor
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Product Description

Brief introduction

Electric heating power capacitor is kind of Capacitor for Electric Induction

Heating System. The electric induction heating system should be controllable or

tunable AC system with voltage less than voltage 4.8KV and frequency less than


It mainly used in the medium-frequency electric induction heating system, for

raising power factor and improving circuit property.

Its performances are in compliance with the national

standard GB/T3984.1-2004 and international standard IEC60110-1998 power

capacitor for induction heating apparatus.

Features of Electric Heating Power Capacitor

Thick polypropylene film and

high-performance liquid (no PCB) are as mixed dielectric material

A thin foil of high purity aluminum as

electrode board

Copper screw with porcelain sleeve and cooling water pipes as lead terminal

The container is welded aluminum alloy with water-cooled tube

Shape is mostly rectangular box-type.


Electric heating power capacitor is mainly used to improve the power factor of equipment

for induction heating, melting, mixing, casting, and similar applications.

Operating condition

1. The installation and operation area

is no more than 1000 meters above sea level. Must be used in-house. Can

equipped with over pressure protection device.

2. Avoid extreme mechanical vibrations, hazardous gas and steam, conductive or

explosive dust.

3. Cooler temperature is not exceeding +30ºC, rate-of-flow of capacitor under

1000kvar is not more than 4L/min and capacitor with 1000kvar or above is not

more than 6L/min.

4. It can operate for 4 hours every 24h under the voltage of 1.1UN and

specified frequency; continuous operating current should not exceed 1.15IN.

5. Structure

Electric heating power capacitor is

composed of core and aluminum alloy housing shell, between which is filled with

high quality insulating liquid. The core is welded with several components in

parallel and also welded with cooling water pipes, which are used for cooling