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MK-CS Color Laser Marking Machine
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Product Description

Based on advanced high-tech concept, color laser marking machine is an

adjustable Q-switch side diode-pumped solid-state laser, whose simple and firm

design makes it more reliable than conventional lasers. It also has a very

friendly integrated design of human-computer interface.

Color laser marking machine, including functions of scanning head, digital

control and monitoring, enables the users to easily integrate it into a turn-key

system or an industrial producing assembly line. To create a "laser marking

system" requires only a standard 24V DC power supply and a personal computer

with a USB interface. Through a user-friendly LCD touch screen, the operator can

easily control and monitor the full range of laser systems. Low energy

consumption, maintenance-free, little noise, USB interface, super-long diode

life, this new color laser marking machine is undoubtedly another new technology

in laser marking market.


1)High reliability

2)High marking quality

3)longer working life of Diode

4)Extremely small volume

5)Friendly man-machine interface

6) Easy integration

7) Very low environmental thermal load

8) Dust-proof design

Laser model


Laser medium/wavelength


Average power


Pulse width

12ns  (@20kHz)



Beam quality

M² < 3

Aiming beam

2M red light semiconductor laser with wavelength of 635nm


Power system


Cooling system


Edit/control software

DR editor

Integrated laser head

Rode stock,CVI,DR laser compatible lenses