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CNG compressor
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M-type compressor performance characteristics:

       M-type with the compressor body & motor positioning measures adopted so that the accuracy of assembly, espcially with the compressor motor coaxiality maintain good positioning measures to avoid a period of time to run the compressor motor and the crankshaft on the deterioration of sets of coupling and flexibility lead to early failure, which caused packing, piston to reduce the consequences of life.

      Inlet and outlet of all stage cylinder are arranged downward, making connecting rigid pipe, and pipe vibration small; and all pipelines are arranged on the skid, not only meet national security design specifications, but also essy to identify problems,to facilitate maintenance.


      All the low-pressure and middle-pressure stages are equipped with inner tube outlet of new-type separator, separation efficiency, making the separated oil and water do not go into the next stage.

      With the rotor-type lubrication oil pump flow to ensure  that pressure of the moving parts lubicating oil pressure in the 0.4-0.5 5MPaG run, improves  the reliability, extendde service  life.

      Hantu compressor can also be used in accordance with user needs to provide the refined oil filter with the imported filter element to meet the quality of the oil content of CNG request.