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chian Animal dung separating machine
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 Huizhou hundred ou jia technology co., LTD. (tel: 18927361988 telephone 0752-2232568 website:

Red mud pool, pool folding software, software is the use of new technology and new materials, because of containing red mud of heavy metal elements, its characteristic is better than ordinary PVC pool has a weather resistance, uv resistance, flame retardant, resistance to low temperature, etc.Red mud bag, floating cover pool, red mud leather processing process is to use composite membrane, membrane raised strong industrial polyester fiber production process.Light weight and sealing quality.According to the requirements of the use of the user environment of arbitrary order.
Huizhou hundred ou jia technology co., LTD.
1, economic and durable, price is low, less investment, quick effect, antifreeze (25 ℃), anti exposure (50 ℃), lightning protection, earthquake resistant, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, no leakage, installed in a fully enclosed, without any artificial or external force damage conditions, can use continuously for 15 to 20 years.In addition to the one-time purchase of equipment, the late investment is almost zero.After the preliminary accounting,.User when installing the equipment, the fermentation material in the bag after fermentation, 24 hours a day and age season in summer in 96 hours, and gas.The methane produced by comparing with gas, calculated at a discount, will pay back your investment in the full cost of purchasing the equipment.
2, folding, light weight, small size, transportation convenient to carry, can be arbitrary mobile installation.It is easy to handle.And the device can be installed in any mobile, such as the user to move a new house, can remove the equipment shall be installed.
3, simple and easy to install, pit depth can be based on user conditions to choose.Folding biogas fermentation bag the body of the equipment (software) that is made of high strength plastic material, has high mechanical strength and elongation, and not subject to any geographical restrictions when installation, can be mounted on the basis of general (such as rural people and existing within the latrine, township building stairwells, and even a soft soil pit), even if the external force caused by the foundation of fermentation pool shake or deformation, this device can work as usual, free from any influence.
Software foldable pool, it is a new type of biogas digester.Mainly includes: software folding biogas fermentation bag, biogas storage bag, biogas booster pump, desulfurizer, manifold, and related control of gas pipeline.

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