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Solid liquid separator,Pig dung dehydrator,Pig manure dewatering machine,Livestock sludge dewatering machin,Cow dung dehydrator

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red mud biogas digester
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 Guangdong huizhou hundred ou jia technology co., LTD. (tel: 18927361988 telephone 0752-2232568 website:, contact us please indicate in which web site to see! Buy consulting please telephone to communicate with us!

The European software red mud pool
One, economic and durable, price is low, less investment, quick effect, antifreeze equipment (25 ℃), anti exposure (50 ℃), lightning protection, earthquake resistant, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, no leakage, installed in a fully enclosed, without any artificial or external force damage conditions, can be used 8 to 12 years in a row. 2, light weight, foldable, small size, transportation convenient to carry, can be arbitrary mobile installation. The whole equipment weight only about 10-20 kg, a suitcase to carry, easy to handle. And this device can move any installation, such as using ?