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Livestock manure solid liquid separation machine
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Solid liquid separator (bubble excrement solid-liquid dry wet separator) is mainly used in pig, cow muck, chicken manure, duck manure, such as livestock manure methane duck manure biogas slurry solid-liquid

separation, dehydration processing.


Solid liquid separator (bubble excrement solid-liquid dry wet separator) the main working principle
1, isolated after the solid material containing dry matter is 50%;
2, generous beauty of structure, the host is made of cast iron parts, main shaft and the screen mesh is made of stainless stainless steel;   
3, easy to operation and maintenance, have certain ability of self-cleaning
4, reduce subsequent CODcr content of dung wastewater;


the working efficiency of the mixer extruding type solid liquid separator with livestock manure wastewater storage duration, livestock manure wastewater, dry matter content, viscosity and other factors
Pig water about 720 m3 per day, one hour for 25 to 30 cubic
Cow muck water about 480 m3 per day, an hour is 15-20 cubic
Pieces of chicken manure water about 240 cubic meters, an hour every day for 8 to 10 cubic
Mixer biogas slurry water about 450 cubic meters, an hour every day for 15-20 cubic

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