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3k Carbon Fiber Cloth
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Product Description

 Carbon Fiber Fabric is made of carbon fiber by woven unidirectional, plain weaving or twill weaving style. The carbon fibers we use contain high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, carbon fabrics are thermally and electrically conductive and exhibit excellent fatigue resistance. When properly engineered, carbon fabric composites can achieve the strength and stiffness of metals at significant weight savings. Carbon fabrics are compatible with various resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is widely used as the basic material for aerospace, defence, leisure, automotive products, industry and the medical sector as well as other applications includes building construction repair and strengthening. General Data Weaving Style: Unidirectional, Plain, Twill Input Available: 1k,3k, 6k, 12k Carbon fiber Weight: 15 0 ~ 600g / m2 Roll length: To be specified Packaging Product is manufactured in form of a roll wound on a paper tube and then packed in a plastic film and placed within a cardboard carton. Rolls can be loaded into a container directly or on pallets. Storage It is recommended that the carbon fiber fabric are stored in a cool and dry environment. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 10 ~ 30 degree and relative humidity between 50 ~ 75%. The carbon fiber fabric should remain in the packaging until just prior to use.