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oil distillation equipment,essential oil extraction plant,crude oil refinery,waste oil recycling machine,oil purification

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trailer style oil water separator,transformer oil purifier,Mobile oil filter vehicle,oil recovery ,oil refine
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-- transformer oil purifier,
-- biodiesel production line
-- turbine oil recycling machine,
-- lubricating oil ,hydralic oil regeneration,
-- engine oil,motor oil,car oil,hydrualic oil recycling machine,oil decolorization, deacidification, dealkalizing.
-- oil vacuum distillation plant ,
-- oil refinery ,diesel production line,
-- waste tyre,rubber ,plastic pyrolysis plant,cracking plant.
-- essential oil distillation machine ,herb extraction.
-- home oil,cooking oil,vegetable oil expeller and refinery ,etc.

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The Product can be used for transformer installation and overhaul, as well as for treatment of non-conformable transformer oil, mutual inductor oil and circuit breaker oil in power industry (especially applicable to recovery of extremely inferior insulation oil), as well as for transformer vacuum oil fill and drying. It is specially used in the regeneration of bad insulation oil.


1. This machine has the function of dewatering, degassing and remove impurities of ordinary vacuum purifier, the Purifier can also recover the inferior insulation oil, which could effectively remove the intensive oxide and free carbon, thus resumes antioxidation and acid/alkali water solubility characteristics. After treatment, the oil can meet the national standard in respect of water content, withstand 118alue, gas content, acid 118alue and medium consumption requirement.
2. The Purifier has multi-purpose functions. Its function of removal of water, gas or impurities and the recovery system can operate separately and independently; They can also operate together at the same time, being easy to operate with higher effectiveness.


This kind of machine except can remove water, impurities and gas from the unqualified insulation oil, it also can improve it's breakdown voltage. It can make the acid 118alue and pH 118alue of the insulation oil to reach national standard. And it can filter out free carbon, deepest oxidation and improe all of the index for oil.