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Infrared ceramic plates for gas dryer
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 Infrared honeycomb ceramic plates for gas dryer have higher thermal efficiency, more saving energy and less pollutant.


Infrared honeycomb ceramic plates for gas dryer can realize gas complete oxidation by catalytic combustion.

Catalytic combustion technology can be used in gas heaters, infrared dryer, industrial heater, infrared stoves and other fields. Compared with the common infrared technology, our catalytic combustion technology has the following advantages:
a) to improve ceramic surface temperature of about 100-150 ℃ (that's about 1000 ℃)

b) to enhance the infrared radiant energy per unit area 40% -70%.
c) reduce the CO, NOx emissions to protect environment and human health.


Catalytic combustion introduction
Catalytic combustion means the complete oxidation of the fuel at the catalyst surface. During the catalytic combustion reaction, the reactants on the catalyst surface is formed on the surface of low energy, generating vibrational excited state product and release energy in the infrared radiation pattern, to achieve complete flameless combustion state; the common infrared combustion is metal mesh or ceramic plate heating, and then secondary release of certain wavelengths of infrared ray through the heated metal mesh or ceramic plate at high temperature.


Size: 144mm*73mm  

Other specification can be made according to customer' needs.


Package: 1000pcs/case, 10box/case, 100pcs/box