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BSMJ cylindrical capacitor
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Product Description

 1. General description:

Our self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor, applied the advanced Zn-Al complexed metallized flim, adopted foreign advanced production techniques and international IEC60831-1(1996) standards. The products is mainly suitable for low voltage electric network to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss, and improve the voltage quality.

2. Features
Small volume, light weight: It is only 1/4 and 1/5 of the weight and volume of the outdated products resdeotively.
Low loss: With the actual loss than 0.1, little radiation, low temperature rise, and good energy conservation effect.
Excellent selfhealing performance: When a part of the isolation is fed through due to the over voltage, it is capable of self-healing so as to continue the operation, therefore the reliability is improved greatly.

Safety: Equipped with self-discharging resistant and safety devices inside, the inner discharging resistant can make the attached electric discharged: when there is wrong with the capacitor, the fuse equipment can cut out the electric power, so that no more trouble with the capacitor, safety and rcliable .

Without oil leakage: this product adopted  advanced halfsoild soak materials driips melting point higher than 70 °C,avoid leakage during operation and protect the environment, the capacitor will not no use since the leakage.


Main Technical Specification:

1,Apply standard:GB12747-2003 IEC60831-1:1996
2,Apply condition:Indoor,-25°C ~ 40°C,humidity:<=80%RH,height<=2000MSL
3,Rated voltage:230VAC,250VAC,400VAC,415VAC,450VAC,525VAC,690VAC,750VAC,1050VAC,1200VAC
4,Rated output:1~100Kvar
5,Capacitance tolence:0~10%
6,Voltage endurance:2Un 10 seconds between T-T,3000VAC 10 seconds between T-C. 
7,Insulating resistance:more than 1000MΩ between T-C at 500 VDC in one minute.
8,Loss angle tangent: Less than 0.1%(rated voltage at 20°C).
9,Ceiling voltage:1.1Un(root mean square value ) 
10,Ceiling current:1.3In(root mean square value )
11,Self-discharge feature: The terminal voltage will reduce below 50V in 3 minutes after disconnecting from power line.
12,The capacitor's temperature rise in normal operation is less than 8°C.