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the aerial photography aiship
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The Falcon aerial photography airship

1.      It can act vertical rise and fall, can hover in the air, can do upright and inverted sideward flight, and can also bear 2 to 8 kg equipment, and its wind capability is 5th level.

2.      The cloud deck of aerial photography airship: ss3-01 remote control cloud deck, adopts the driving rotating parts of large torque servo machine. And it can act 320 degrees rotary in the horizontal level, 180 degrees vertically and 30 degrees tilting to both sides, by using the exclusive-used remote control equipment, then send the pictures and images to the ground by the equipped microwave sending installation.

3.      The remote control equipment. The Japanese product remote equipment FUTABA/JR series are pretty safe and reliable. PCM coding method, owns strong anti-interference capability. And FH-HS series all adopt 9 channel remote control equipment.

4.      The Ground Station. The high-performance monitor which is used in the digital television system. 525/625i component signal are compatible. Selective 4:3/16:9 signal method ratio. Screen-type menu and rotary decoder.

5.      The microwave sending equipment. Real time video transmission which is used in finding the view and monitoring.

6.      the remote control zoom, record/pause controller. By using the remote control equipment, to realize the operation of zooming and to change the voltage and the switch value by changing the pause width, which is equivalent to the stepless change of the tracking shot from slow speed to the maximum speed.

The serving field of aerial photography airship: the city planning, the park construction, the territory surveying and mapping, the film and television aerial photography, advertising aerial photography, the building aerial photography, the enterprise aerial photography, the scenic spots aerial photography, the city aerial photography, the development zones aerial photography, large-scale outdoor activities, party aerial photography, MV aerial photography, the bird's eye view aerial photography, etc. No matter in the downtown, the water surface, the mountain area, the forest area or the low area of field, it can accomplish its tasks.

The advantages of airship's aerial photography:

1.      High-definition, splendid and shocking scenes. Its flying height can be up to 300 meters and can stably take pictures in the air.

2.      Maneuvering and flexible effects. It is easy for it to select the best angle of view and is not influenced by the take off and land field situations.

3.      It can work in many heights, in the air or dangerous places where the general manned aerial machines can not reach.

4.      Inexpensive price. Its flying fee is only a little part of the large-scale manned aerial machines. Examine and approval procedure is pretty simple, and except the special areas and the airports, even no procedures out of the downtown.

5.      Long endurance time-more than 3 hours.

6.      Large loading of the platform( the max loading is 5 kg)

7.      We use the oil-engine driving airship which is based on the GPS guide system, and fly in the line we have settled well before.

8.      According to different photography requirements, we will adjust the airline distance, time of exposure and the distance interval. We promise the lamination ratio you ask for.

9.      When the photography job finishes, then we will proceed the post production by using the special software, which needs more time and efforts than the earlier photography job. Finally, we will deliver the accomplished photographic pictures after matching together and correcting.