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Sapphire Window 25.4x0.5mm
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Chongqing ZhaoHong Technology Co., Ltd. is an accredited company to ISO9001:2008 (Cert. # 04409Q11774R0M). It is a  leading power of industrial sapphire manufacturing in China.

ZhaoHong Tech specializes in high precision synthetic sapphire & ruby parts.

Its customized precision sapphire & ruby parts are well-known and highly reputed for super-precision technique and practical design service.

ZhaoHong Tech is experienced in customized sapphire light guides for laser and intense pulsed light machines. Prototype samples and volume quantity are both available.

ZhaoHong Tech supplies Sapphire cutting, slicing, shaping, grinding, polishing, chamfering, and notching.

Sapphire is one of the hardest materials, and possesses very good transmission during the range of visible and near IR spectrum. It is widely used as optical window in infrared and far infrared military equipments, apparatus and instruments of satellite and space technology, and navigation and spaceflight, such as night infrared scope/sight and night vision camera, etc. The sapphire windows are intensively applied in high-tech fields.