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Continuous Charge EAF
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Now the vast majority of electric arc steel furnaces are taken to remove the lid, charging stages from the roof, with the material of arc directly to heating furnace steelmaking. EAF steelmaking is the most common cold-loading, and cold loaded into the furnace of the steel material can be divided into artificial loading and mechanical loading; mechanical loading is divided into the trough, hoppers, baskets using equipment different loading and other. At present, widely used in loading or top of the basket. The loading process is: will charge mounted on the bottom of the basket with chains sold live in according to certain requirements. Loading, first lift the lid and the rear of the rotation to the stove or furnace out; then use the crane to basket hanging from the roof into the furnace, and then pull the pin to discharge into the furnace . Which the general loading of 5 to 7 minutes each, so that the electric furnace open lid loading not only scrap and slag generated a lot of dust and dust proliferation, pollution electric furnace surrounding work environment. More important is the loss of large amounts of heat, (information confirmed: just left the finished steel, the furnace temperature up to above 1500 ℃, but the heat soon, within a few minutes, can be reduced to below 800 ℃), so that is bound to extend or increase the subsequent smelting time.
Foreign authoritative information on iron and steel scrap material into the blast furnace preheat temperature of 500 ° C can save power l / 4, while the temperature of 600 ~ 700 ℃, it can save power 1/3, if the temperature reaches 900 ° C. , just when the cold loading the l / 2 power. This means that the transformer input power constant, the melting of the corresponding period will be proportionately reduced. In addition, the hot charging into the furnace can increase the stability of the arc and advance Oxygen flux, also contributed to the melting of the shortening. Hot charging of melting of the short duration of heat and high productivity.
Henan Taihang Lee Group as a whole in the careful study of the world advanced electric furnace steelmaking technology accumulated nearly 10 years of research, the development of continuous steel-making technology and equipment-DP development with Chinese characteristics, scrap preheating furnace continuous loading device, the new steel-making equipment completely changed the conventional electric furnace open the lid top charging operation process. Process procedures are: the use of special online equipment, electric stove in the control of gas at the same time continuously to join the metal raw materials (heavy and light steel scrap, pig iron, HBI, etc.) and preheating (preheating temperature of 400-600 ° C ) process. Can be achieved without opening the lid to join the charge in the electric side of the continuous, the material is directly from the scrap site or rail car loading conveyor. After the scrap is continuously and automatically transported to the furnace, preheating in the furnace exhaust gas in the preheat conveyor. Once preheated, the scrap will be sent to the electric furnace, the molten steel in which the scrap will be continuous melting. Tapping furnace to maintain the 1/3 to 1/2 to stay in the amount of steel, out of steel, immediately after anyone to charge, continue to the next time the smelting. Electrode furnace material, domestic DP for transportation equipment, its main feature is the continuous feeding, continuous warm-up and continuous smelting. It allows continuous flat bath operation, which is a key advantage of its more traditional furnace direct arc steels
Compared with other electric furnace process, the DP family equipment technology has the following obvious advantages: the increase in production (production increase of 8-10%), less power consumption (per tonne of steel energy-saving 80-100KWh / t), less electrode consumption ( AC electric furnace electrode consumption is about 1.5 - 1.6kg / t) dust processing capacity reduced 20% -30%, reduce grid disorder, scrap income increased by about 2%. Less refractory and maintenance costs, lower production costs, the impact on the environment and also to minimize the equipment after a 90-ton electric furnaces in Henan Wuyang Iron and Steel in 2004 the first industrial practice after nearly 10 years of development and improvement of has made in southern Hebei, Hebei Steel, Hubei Huaxin Special Steel, Wuhu Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd., Vietnam to DANA-Y Iron and Steel Company, Vietnam, Southeast Asia Iron and Steel, Indonesia's Sumatra Iron and Steel Group Corporation (Growth, Steel Group), and the world's leading Korean Pohang Steel POSCO Group and other companies are widely used.
DP domestic scrap preheating continuous conveyor equipped with a flexible and controllable length (35-65 m), so the equipment for completely get people in the new EAF workshop or the site of the old furnace technology and the transformation, economic efficiency and environmental governance around the outcome of satisfactory results. All are welcome the steelmaking colleagues calls contact to discuss!