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continuous melting,continuous smelting,continuous warm-up,Continuous feeding

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DP new continuous feed electric arc furnace
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continuous feeding, continuous warm-up, continuous melting, continuous smelting production of "continuous" process effect

DP series steel scraps preheating and conveying complete equipment complex developed by our company is an environment- protection and energy-saving steelmaking unit. It has adopted a series of advanced technique, including waste-heat utilization, purification of high temperature smoke and dust and system intelligent control. It preheats steel scraps consecutively by utilizing waste-heat of fully-enclosed electric furnace. This technique fills up domestic blank and now has been adopted by Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, Jinan Special Steel Co., Ltd, Huaxin Special Steel Co., Ltd, etc. Remarkable economic and environment benefit has been made by now, and we have gained a good reputation.



Technical indexes

(1)      Steel output has been increased by more than 10%.

(2)      The cycle of steel smelting has been reduced by 10~15minutes.

(3)      The power saving per ton of steel is 80~100KWh.

(4)      Electrode consumption has been decreased by 0.5~0.8%; the consumption of refractory has been decreased by 5%; CO2 emitting per ton of steel is decreased by 20%~30%; dust content in field of production is less than 10 mg/m3.

(5)      The emission of dioxin and CO is in line with related requirements and smoke and dust content has been decreased to 11kg/t from 17kg/t.

(6)      The preheat temperature for steel scraps is up to 450 or more.

(7)      Conveying capacity for steel scraps is 120~350t/h.