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Solid waste shredder
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HC large-scale solid waste shredders are used to shred municipal solid waste, bulky waste, industrial waste, special hazardous waste, medical waste, food waste, electronic waste, waste of paper mill, biomass, waste tires etc. This solid waste shredder is the most widely used model. It reduces the dimensions of waste through cutting, breaking and tearing, even hard to shred wastes, such as carpets, mattresses and plastics etc. can be easily shredded.


HC large-scale solid waste shredder mainly includes double shafts cutters group, shell, gearbox, reducer, motor, PLC cabinet, input hopper and equipped with installation frame and other accessories to insure working reliably. 


Controlled by PLC, the power from the motor buffered by the reducer actuates the driving shaft. Then the driving shaft actuates the driven shaft so that two groups of cutters equipped in the driving shaft and the driven shaft rotate in opposite directions to shred solid waste.