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DC Energy Storage Filter Capacitor
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Product Description

DC Energy Storage Filter Capacitor

DC filter capacitor (Traction power capacitor)is the key element of modern variable transmission. Modern variable speed drives with static frequency converter in which the function of the semiconductor switches have a lot of spurious signals, so the capacitor is required to filter, eliminate ripple and harmonic in the line. The self-healing metalized film capacitors can be used as the connection with the DC intermediate circuit and harmonic filter, but also can be used as the control of clamping and the absorption of capacitors in the circuit.

  This kind of capacitor takes metalized safe film, unique squashing and welding process, advanced shockproof and voltage sharing and current sharing innovate internal structure of the capacitors etc technology ensure the stability and accuracy of the capacitance, low inductance and significantly enhance the strength of the resistance to high voltage and surge. This kind of capacitor can be designed dry fire-retardant structure and the structure of high-quality oil impregnated under the environment of the high vacuum macerate, which improve the insulation and the stability of capacitance, longtime and reliability, and possess good radiation, which ensure the capacitor operate for a long time.

Application Fields
  DC filter capacitor(Traction power capacitor)is widely used in: AC Electric locomotives, metro and light rail transit locomotives support capacitor in the DC loop of the AC drive system, metro and light rail transit locomotives braking energy saving system, storage and starting capacitor for large wind power system and solar power system AC support capacitor  kinds of high-power AC-DC-DC inverter system and the smoothing filter capacitors in the output circuit, high voltage DC transmission (HVDC), Static Var Compensator(SVC) filter compensation capacitors, the variable-frequency for transmission equipment of pumps, large fans and electric transmission corridor in the field of chemicals, textiles, machinery, iron and steel industry .

This kind of capacitor adopts oil soakage technique, it has the following features:
· high energy storage density;
· high environmental working temperature;
· long lifetime;
· low inductance;
· strong resistance to high current;
· low dielectric loss;
· excellent thermal dissipation;
· light weight;·high mechanical properties strength ;
· compliance with ISO9001 standard;
· with environmental protection designed;
· high quality, high reliability and security;
· corrosion resistance;
· shorter delivery time , shorter period, the replacement of electrolytic capacitors.

Detailed technical specification
·capacitance range: C = 100 u F - 20,000μF may be higher on request;
·capacitance tolerance: normal ±5%, can be smaller on request;
·rated voltage: Un = 600-6000V, other value on request. The operation voltage is sum of DC voltage and the peak value of ripple voltage. Un = Undc + Un ripple;
·rated current: allow RMS current see parameter table;
·tanδ≤0.002 (20 ℃,100 Hz);
·Self-inductance: typically value 30nH - 60nH ,may be less than 30n H on request;
·lifetime expectancy: 100000 hours, other values on request;
·surge voltage: the expected life of capacitor has no significant influence in the following list of surge and voltage;
·environment temperature: operating range -55 ℃ ∽ +85; storage: -55 ℃ ∽+90 ℃;
·maximum permissible altitude:1000m;
·installation: in any position;
·standard applicable: IEC61881, IEC1071.