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DC High Voltage Pulse Capacitor
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Product Description

DC High Voltage Pulse Capacitor

1.Rated voltage:1KV~5KV
2.Nominal capacitance :100UF~6000UF

Metalized Film Pulse Capacitor can charge in a long period and discharge in a very short time, to form a huge pulsed power. Pulse capacitor obtain power by the charged pulse capacitors and the main reactor short-time oscillation discharge, but pulse capacitors charge in a long time by the charging device with low power before the test, and oscillation discharge only takes a few seconds, which greatly improve the ratio of the test of power to power, and increase the economic efficiency. 

Application Fields
Widely used in:the magnetization machine, demagnetization machine, laser power supply, medical equipment, energy-storage welding etc;
·DC high voltage equipment, rectifier filter device oscillator circuit, continuous pulse device, impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, impulse divider and other non-continuous pulse device.

 Main Technical Index
· capacitance range:C=100μF~6000μF;
· capacitance tolerance:normal ±5%, can be smaller on request;
· rated voltage:Un=1KV~5KV;
· anti-peak voltage up to 80%;
· charge and discharge times: max. 20 million times;
· dissipation factor value: tgδ≤0.002(100Hz);
· use ambient temperature:-40°C~±75°C;
· installation: in any position;
· standard:JB/T8168 or on request.

Main Feature
· Low power consumption, suitable for high power, high current, high voltage, high surge;
· Has the best of performance ratio capacitance and volume;
· Small change with temperature, long lifetime;
· Anti-peak voltage up to the highest;
· High energy storage,endure high pulse current;
· Good self-restore, stable performance;
· Low inductance, low ESR;
· Sheathing material is stainless steel or cold rolled sheet, easy to install.