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Shanghai u-int'l freight forwarding Co., Ltd., established with the approval from the Ministry of Commerce of China (the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation) in Shanghai in 1998, is a national class-one freight agent corporation and now member of IATA, which has been assigned by the Civil Aviation Administration of China as the one of the air freight agencies.
The company is consists of the department of air freight import, department of air freight export, domestic transshipment department, sales department and storage and transportation department and etc. Employing over 90 employees, whose average age is 32 and over 80% of which have received higher education, our company is absolutely qualified for providing international freight agent services for customers both at home and abroad.

The company has business offices at both Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport, both are equipped with advanced storing facilities and transportation trucking teams.

Over the years of operation, Shanghai u-int'l freight forwarding Co., Ltd has established good communication channels with each and every join inspection departments at airports and other relevant administrative sections of the local government, and therefore, will facilitate the smooth fulfillment of commercial inspection, custom declaration, insurance, commission, inspection and acquisition of letter of credit and etc.

Ever since its establishment, Shanghai u-int'l freight forwarding Co., Ltd has established good cooperative relations with several airline companies, and devoted to the development of agent network at home and marketing network abroad. After years of great struggle, we have made outstanding achievements in business, with great increments of imported and exported freight year by year. In addition, the company has also been focusing on scientific management and promotion on solutions of doing businesses without paper. It has established its local area network and developed operating software for freight agent businesses.

With the development of economy, our business range grows more and more extensive, which includes import and export of air freights, international express, charter flight, custom declaration, supervising cars from the custom and supervising stores, freight flow stores, partial shipment and etc.

Air freight export

The company provides air freight export services from Shanghai to most ports around the world, and also door-to-door land transshipment, air freight export, charger flight and etc.

Air freight import

The company provides air freight import services from most ports around the world to China inland, on-land transshipment, and etc.

Air express

The company provides door-to-door air express services both from Shanghai to other places around the world and other places to China inland, and also mail-order businesses.

Domestic transshipment

The company provides air transshipment services at home.

Storage and transportation

The company provides services like storage of freight, unpacking of containers, simple packing and etc.


Shanghai U-int'l Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.