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Electromagnetic valve,high pressure reducing valve,big flow silencers,air cylinder,filter

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Allied Witan big flow muffler
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Product Description

Allied Witan specific solutions for the noise control expert. Large diameter, exhaust flow, the highest exhaust (pressure) pressure: 630 kg, low noise, heavy load. The main products are: Alwitco vacuum pump with silencer; Alwitco filter muffler; Alwitco big flow muffler, dryer special muffler; Alwitco suspension muffler; Alwitco speed control muffler...


Thoroughly proven by users of the bulk installations on World Atomuffler equipment by the Perceived quiets Exponentially home (EPNdB). The Atomuffler satisfies the muffle explosive to hold the air valve-cast discharged home to cast a comfortable sports good sir zone with the increase in the end marked with CV traded, substantially disagreement jbenchmark equipment.

Constructed with a one of a kind, completely free of it this obstruction, air flows to cast softly atmosphere free of the fog, home, oil-providing a comfortable contaminates, clean network like schools.

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Model (made) Pipe Thread do Code


M01 111001 1/8 "NPT

M02 111002 1/4 "NPT

M00 111000 3/8 "NPT

M05 111005 1/2 "NPT

M07 3/4 "NPT 111007

M10 111010 1 "NPT

M12 111012 1-1/4 "NPT

M15 111015 1 1/2 "NPT

M20 111020 2 "NPT

B01 121001 1/8 "BSPT

B02 121002 1/4 "BSPT

B00 121000 3/8 "BSPT

B05 121005 1/2 "BSPT

B07 121007 3/4 "BSPT

1 "BSPT B10 121010

B12 121012 1-1/4 "BSPT

B15 121015 1 1/2 "BSPT

B20 121020 2 "BSPT

B30 121030 3 "BSPT

4 "BSPT B40 121040

B60 121060 6 "BSPT