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DVB-C QAM Modulator
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    QAM modulator
Product Description


 CATV QAM Modulator DMB-5100 not only succeeds to DMB-5000 high reliability and stability, but also provides user with powerful additional functionalities. The Modulator can receive QPSK signal, QAM signal, or DS3 signal directly to extract MPEG TS. The MPEG TS can be multiplexed with other MPEG TS from ASI to one MTPS. Finally the MTPS will be send to QAM modulation module to realize DVB-C modulation and upconvert to RF. The modulator can meet all of the requirements of Digital Cable TV operators economically and effectively.


Main features:

  • Comply to ITU-U J.83, Annex A (DVB), B(Open Cable)
  • PID filter and remapping can be configured
  • PSI/SI information updating possible
  • Filling MPEG TS automatically and delete empty packet intellectively
  • PCR correction supported
  • 188/204 data packet adaption automatically
  • RF output frequency scope 48~862MHz, in 0.1MHz step
  • Output level can be adjusted in 100~113dBuV
  • Powerful MPEG TS remux and QAM modulation conversion
  • Front panel -20dB RF testing output provided
  • Parameter record when power off, it can store 99 channels parameters
  • Web browser remote control, network upgrade supported
  •  Specification

    MPEG TS Input

    1 DVB-ASI input

    Comply to EN50083-9 ASI connecter

    Effective bit rate               1Mbps~54Mbps

    ASI mode                        BYTE or BURST

    MPEG frame                    188/204 data packet

    Return loss                      ≥10dB

    Connector                        75ohm BNC


    QPSK Input

    Input frequency scope        950~2150MHz

    Input level                         -25~ -65dBm

    Symbol rate                      2~45MBauds

    Rolling off Factor               0.35

    FEC                                 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8

    Interleave depth                 I=12

    Polarization                       0/13V/18VOptional

    Connector                         75ohm, F type


    MPEG TS output

    2 DVB-ASI output

    Comply to EN50083-9 ASI connecter

    Max bite rate                     170Mbps

    Effective bit rate                 2Mbps~51.6Mbps

    ASI mode                         BYTE or BURST

    MPEG frame                    188/204 bytes packet

    Connector                         75ohm, BNC


    RF Output

    Output frequency               48MHz~862MHz

    Output level                       100dBuV~ 113 dBuV (adjustable)

    Output return loss              ≥10dB

    I/Q amplitude unbalanced   0.1%

    I/Q quadrature error            0.1º

    Phase jitter                       0.5º RMS

    Outband restrain               55dB

    MER                                33dB

    C/N                                  45dB

    Connector                         75ohm, F


    QAM parameter

    Mode                               16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM

    Bandwidth                        ≤8MHz