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CNG Dispenser
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Product Description

1. Brief introduction

MCU (Micro Control Processor Unit) controlled mobile dispenser with function of trade settlement and network management, used for refueling to NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) in CNG station. This can be mounted in vehicle or installed in CNG station.

 2. Functions introduction

1.    Display unit price, volume and sum with high brilliance back light in both two-side LCD; 

2.    Operation interface adopts big LCD, display including operator, driver, vehicle type, flow, pressure, temperature, IC card balance and so on;

3.    Calibrate by pressure transducer;

4.    Set of all parameters by encryption, parameters protected by password setup function;  

5.    Each hose (motherboard) can save 12,000 transaction, and supporting inquiry and print historical data;

6.    Refuel by preset volume and sum, stopped by integral sum at any time;

7.    Inquiry shift total volume, shift total sum and total totalizer;

8.    Mental keyboard is optional;

9.    Dispenser with IC card has function of IC card management, auto settlement and favorable unit price (Preset IC card interface in dispenser without IC card);

10. Monitor malfunction automatically and display malfunction code with maintenance method;

11. Pressure switch automatically, which assures take out CNG from storage system accurately and effectively;

12. Save data automatically after power cut, display data lingeringly;

13. Shut down solenoid valve and display reason while over pressure, lose pressure and overflow;

14. Monitor malfunction of mass flow meter and stop refueling while mass flow meter has malfunction;

15. Gas leakage and gas lost protection, display alert information;

16. Count and record solenoid valve malfunction lost gas volume by using optional monitor system;

17. Preset communication interface, inspect information including refuel and dispenser performance in real time by using optional management system;

18. Breakaway coupling;

19. Manual emergency shut-down valve;

20. Filter online cleaning function;

21. Pressure discharge and blow-off.