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Product Description

CEROX 1650 Polishing Powder
Brief introduction: CEROXTM 1650 is an white polishing powder with high quality. It is applicable to polish parts of middle and slightly rigidity precision, especially suited to polish hard stuffs due to its strong polishing force with hard and subtle particles.

CEROXTM 1650 is universal with planiform and cambered precision parts, especially applicable for the following:
Sphere and loop surfs lens which using low density polyurethane or a liiter hard felt.
Precise optical lens which using asphaltum to polish.
 Big parts, e.g. reflector, television screen.
Crystalline and watch chip, etc.
Lens which using Pallon to polish.

 CEROXTM is an polishing powder which is mainly contained cerium. It has registered patent in various glass polishing industry, e.g. EINECS, TSCA, MITI etc.
 This type is characterized by hard grains and meticulous. It can still maintain super lustrousness for a long time, but no scrape or any tracery in process, even used in the new type of machine in high speed and pressure.
 Compared with the traditional polishing powder, it has the advantage of high speed, high lustrousness of polishing surface, long lifespan and environmental protection.
 CEROXTM   is an corresponding effective polishing compound since it can use chemolysis and mechanical friction to plishing at one time. So it characterized by few usage, high speed and super efficiency.

Technical parameters:
Content of RE compound: ≧96%
Content of CeO2 in RE: ≧92%
Average granularity: 1.5 μm
PH value: 7
Density: 1.7 g/cm3
Appearance: white powder
Polishing density: about 100 ----140 K / L
Polish pad: every kind of the polishing material
Temperature: 20 _ 30℃
Package: 20kg / pcs
Country of origin: France