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machine-made charcoal
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Product Description

 This kind of charcoal is suitable for BBQ, fireplace and so on. They are easy to ignite, which save time for cooking, BBQ. What is more, they have long burning time.


The characteristics of machine-made charcoal:

(1) smokeless, odorless and sparkless

(2) high charcoal content

(3) large fire power and long combustion time


raw material: pure China fir sawdust

processing technique:  it is made by the high-temperature processing of 850°C in the unique traditional kiln.

fixed carbon: 80%-85%

moisture content: 4%

ash content : 3%

burning time: 4 hours/kg

shape: quadrangle or hexagon

length: 5cm-40cm; diameter: 3.8-4cm