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Fire fighting vehicle
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Product Description


    Name                                                    CAFS Fire Fighting Vehicle

    Model                                                   SGX5160GXFAP50

    Chassis Model                                      FVR34J2

    Engine Model                                        6HK1TC

    Engine OutputkW                                  191

    Crew                                                    24

    Speed Max km/h                                  100

    L×W×H (mm)                                     8015×2480×3470

    Fully Loaded Weight(kg)                        ≤15750

    Capacity of Water    (kg)                        3500

    Capacity of  A Type Foam (kg)                200

    Capacity of  B Type Foam (kg)               1500

    Pump Model                                         CB20/20

    /(L/s/MPa)   L pressure                          40/1.0

    Pump Flow Rate   M pressure                20/2.0


    Monitor Model                                       PL2448

    Monitor Range of Water(m)                     ≥55

    Monitor Range of   Foam (m)                   ≥45

    CAFS of  Mixed Foam Flow Rate  (L/s)    15.8(0.7MPa)

    CAFS of Range(m)                                  Dry foam≥10, wet foam≥20 (1.5" gun, rate 0.5)