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Ethanol Enzyme ETHOL-COR
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Product Description

When corn is used as raw material to produce ethanol at high temperature, the existence of cellulose, hemicellulose, Beta-glucanase and pectin substance in it will cause difficult saccharification, thick and sticky fermentation liquid as well as low utilization efficiency of raw material.  According to our research and long-term practice, these special compound enzymes are developed with the method of double crossing to resolve the problems existed in corn-based ethanol production. They have coordination efficiency function and can improve the intensity of corn-ethanol-fermentation remarkably, shorten the fermentation period as well as improve the convention rate of raw material.


Specifications/ physical and chemical properties:

1) Appearance: powder

2) Application: for corn-based ethanol fermentation

3) Main components and activity: Cellulase (FPA) 2,000u/g; Xylanase 150,000u/g; Pectase 6,000u/g; Protease 45,000u/g

4) pH: 2.5-5.0, optimum 2.0-6.0

5) Activity temperature: 20-55oC, favorable 25-40oC

6) Storage: Should be stored in a cool and dry place.6) Shelf life: 12 months. Packing:25kgs/ bag