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Solar BBQ lens
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Product Description

The safety grill can concentrate sunlight with special lenses, this lens can reflect sunlight into the oven on the baking tray, which made the black metal plate in the oven baking tray moves back and forth to absorb capture the central to the sun heat. When using this oven started smoking or fire-grilled, all the "chefs" have to do is the flashing silver lift the lid on the oven, then let the lid to the sun, and finally baked into the food furnace.
Grill manufacturer that clearly prohibit smoking in apartment balconies and camping, or similar to that barbecue unsafe place, which is a very good barbecue device.
From the use of this oven will not smoke, no fire, no pollution. The invention of this device is made by a small contribution to environmental protection, but to help people become more green in the above, we feel not doing too little.