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UV LED Cure System
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Powerful intensity up to 8,000mW/cm2 in its class. Easy operation, installation, energy efficiency and environmental friendly in a compact size.

More reliable UV irradiation achieved by higher head-cooling efficiency.




365nm pure UV light source          

No thermal effects          

Low power consumption saves energy    

Individually head or group control

Stable UV irradiation

Environmental friendly                              

Easy operation




Ideal for applications needing reduced heat and curing distortion

Assembly of PUH& optical lens

Curing of autofit accessories

Curing of winding and terminal

Curing of small parts in Medical equipments



Rapid Cure - light instantaneously on with no warm up required

No heating of substrates - cold curing close up to cure head

One peak wavelength of output power (multiple peaks possible as required by process)

No fuming of cured material normally caused by excessive radiant power from conventional lamps

Safe operation - no UVB, no ozone, no bulb break, low voltage, no mercury

Predictable radiant output power with limited drop off with life

Variable power - ability to create a cure profile with time e.g. reduced stress curing

Even intensity of radiant power over curing area

Long life time> 20,000 hrs of LED on time (LEDs only need to be on when curing)

Minimal drop off in power over life

Small size and light weight of cure heads

Ability to create three dimensional flood areas for curing complex shape