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T8 to T5 Air Purifier light
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    3000 Piece(s)
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    30000 days after payment
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    Zhejiang China (Mainl...
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    SK-T8 to T5--0014
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  • cfl:
    fluorescent lamp
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  • led tube:
    air purifier light
  • led light:
    fluorescent tube
  • led lamp:
    fluorescent light
Product Description

T8 to T5 Fluorescent lamp
CE/Rohs fluorescent lamp
fluorescent tube/lamp
compact fluorescent lamp/tube
fluorescent lamp/tube

energy saving lamp/lamp/energy saving lamp/bulb
energy saving lamp/lamp
energy saving light/lamp/bulb
energy saving light

led bulb/bulb/led/light/light bulb/fluorescent lamp

lighting/led light/u tube/uv lamp/light bulbs

energy saving/energy saving bulb

Technical Data:


·                       Power:14W-21W-28W-35W

·                       Color Temp.(K) : 2700~6500K

·                       Optional Voltage   :  110-130V or 220-240V

·                       Tubular (mm)   :  φ16

·                       Rendering(Ra)  :  >80

·                       Base  : G5

·                       Material: Aluminum Alloy

·                       Lifespan  : 8000-10000hrs ( 5 years avaiblable by normal using )

·                       Length  :598/898/1198mm



egative Oxygen Introduction:
1. Raise the function of natural killer of NK cell that can resist the cancer cell and control the generation and variation of the cancer cell
 2. Restrain the generating of the Serum Cholesterol and pure the blood and active the Macropages cell and avoid the Lipid depositing in the Vessel Wall
 3. Restrain the generating of Colorless leukotriene and make the body not be causesd allergy or inflammation
4. Restrain the generating of Adrenergic and enlarge the Peripheral Vascular and also improve the blood circulation and maintain the stability of blood pressure    
5. Avoid the initial actor that can arise Arteriosclerosis or the obstacls of Liver Function-----the arising of lipid peroxidation    
6. Make histiocyte activation and improve the immunity and have huge functions on maintaining the healthy of human body    
7. Make the cell metabolism active and raise the natural cure ability and avoid the cell ageing and creatvie young body and mind    
8, Negative oxygen ion can decompose the body internal wastes, toxins and substances, like the weak acid which causes the pain of our nerve and muscle system, then help us elinimate the physical pain and fatigue.    
9, Negative oxygen ion can neutralize plus ion and make them redox, eliminate the nerve of muscle, release the pressure of our spirit, it is very efficient for Insomnia.    
10, Negative oxygen ion can restore the flexibility of vasal, promote more smoothly microcirculation of capillary, improve the body creeping chill disease.    
11, Negative oxygen ion can make our body cell more activated, improve the anaphylaxis physique, strengthen body resistance, cure atopy dermatitis.    
12, Negative oxygen ion can make the acidity substance turn into alkalescence, promote the collagen generation of cell tissue, decompose, burn the sweets, so it's very useful for diabetes disease people.