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incinerator with electricity generator
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Product Description

Due to continuously booming of china economic and accelerating urbanization process,it is the time to use incinerator for garbage disposal,the garbage caloric value of quite a lot cities is up to 4180~5852KJ/kg, suitable for self-combustion. Generally the garbage caloric value high, the city is with strong economic and they have the bility and requirement for incinertor disposal. Now the technology and equipments of incinerator disposal had already developed to maturity, the disposal technical standard system and related rules had already set up perfact, including <garbage incinerator boiler> GB/T18750-2002, <engineering technical regulation of municipal solid waste incinerator disposal> CJJ90-2002, < standard for urban municipal solid waste incinerator disposal engineering project construction > [2001] no.213, <standard for pollution control on the municipal solid waste incinerator> GB 18485-2001; incinerator equipments developed to serialization and larger to meet different city for different municipal solid waste incinerator disposal. MOHURD issued <Municipal Solid Waste Management> on April 10th 2007 during continously issuing technical standard and regulation for solid waste incinerator disposal by Nation and the industry, it difinited for urban municipal solid waste incinerator disposal, make sure the incinerator disposal come to “decrement, innocuity, resource”.  

It is one of the primary task of all level government on “decrement, innocuity, resource” of urban municipal solid waste disposal for abidable development. The State Council presented in <The comprehensive work plan of energy conservation and emission reduction> that “All county level city above (including county level city) should set up garbage collection system, push garbage assorting system construction,  recover the resouce from the garbage sufficiently, encourage garbage waste incinerator generate electricity and steam heat supply, slag fertilizer, slag brick making,etc., push urban and rural garbage innocent treatment, relize garbage decrement, resource and innocent”. Quanzhou City Licheng Huangshi Machinery Co.,Ltd research and development for muncipal solid waste incinerator disposal technology engineering for long term, this meet national energy resource and emission reduction policy, the result we got is a good selection for municipal solid waste disposal.
       Quanzhou City Licheng Huangshi Machinery Co.,Ltd research and development the municipal solid waste incinerator disposal equipment according to national policy for garbage integrated control technique, due to hard ignition, low burn-off rate, low combustion temperature, large consume assistant fuel, big investment, low adaptability for garbage, less quantity for disposal, out of date flue cleaning system and emission can not meet standard, etc., consider about china city and exist material, manufacture process and collect related technology of incinerator from national and international, we solved a lot of key problems, developed new garbage incinerator which suitable for china, according to different market for big, middle and small city, we manufactured garbage incinerator disposal system with series capacity 10 ton/day, 20 ton /day,35 ton/day, 50 ton/day, 75 ton/day, 100 ton/day, 150 ton/day and 200 ton/day.

Technical data

1.Deal Garbage capacity:( customer design)

2. Second combustion chamber outlet temperature:≥850 degree centrigrade

3. Flue cleaning system: design according to GB18485-2001 standard (or according to requirement of customer)

4.Burning rate≥99%, slag thermal lapse rate:≤5%

5. Incinerator outlet flue oxygen: 6~12%

6. Smoke stay in time in chamber:≥2 second (design value 3~4.5second)

7. Maturity control technology used for the incinerator running, with less instrument and patrol inspection to relize centrlized inspection and decentralized control for the garbage incinerator line and heat energy use and assistant system in the center control room by decentralized system control. The control is reliable and the producing is safe.

8. Use variable frenquency control for large power equipment such asexhaust fan, thus save the energy.

9. Use high temperature to vapour treat the production waste such as garbage leakage liquid.

10. With normal maintenance, it can run 300 days per year, the designed service term is 10 years.


Referance documents and standard for our company design

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3. National standard of PRC <standard for pollution control on the municipal solid waste incinerator>(GB18485-2001)

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