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PL-RC standard solar cell
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Product Description

PL-RC standard solar cell is a stable and surface uniformed monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell with dimension of 2x2 cm2, which has been sealed in box after aging and selection. The photovoltaic cell is placed in the center of a square aluminum base equipping with an anti-radiation glass window, which is sealed by photosensitive adhesive with good transparent ability and similar refractive index. The Pt-100 resistance temperature sensor is equipped under the cell, which has been calibrated before sealing. Four-terminal Kelvin connection mode is used as solar cell and temperature sensor output terminal.
Model: PL-RC
Material: monocrystalline silicon / polycrystalline silicon
Device dimension: 20x20 mm
Window material: Anti-radiation glass slide
Foundation support material: Alumina
Foundation support dimension: 70x70x20 mm
Temperature sensor: 100 ohm Pt resistance
Current/voltage connector: BNG connector plugs
Temperature sensor connector: LEMO connector plugs
Electrical property:
Irradiance calibration: 1000 W m-2
Operating current: <200 mA
Efficiency: >16%
Fill factor: >0.7
Short-circuit current variation: <0.5%
Measure condition:
Spectrum: AM 1.5
Temperature: 25 oC
Standard irradiation: 1000 W m-2
Spectra range: 400-1100 nm
Measure parameters:
Standard value under standard condition: CV (A/W/m2)
Short-circuit current under standard condition: Isc (mA)
Open-circuit voltage under standard condition: Voc (mA)
The temperature coefficient of short-circuit current: alpha (mA/oC)
The temperature coefficient of open-circuit voltage: beta (mV/oC)
The maximum value of current: Imax (mA)
The maximum value of voltage: Vmax (mV)
The maximum value of power: Pmax (mW)
Fill factor: FF
Spectrum respondence: Sr
The measure value, uncertainty, and various parameters of every solar cell are all recorded in certificate, which is in line with ISO quality certificate.