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PLS-SXE xenon light source
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PLS-SXE300 (or PLS-SXE300UV) xenon light source is projector light source, which means light irradiate from out of the reactor. It is the most advanced light source wildly used in the field of photocatalysis and photochemistry, including photocatalytic hydrogen production from water, photocaatalytic degradation of pollutants, and experiments using as solar simulator. PLS-SXE300 (or PLS-SXE300UV) light source is specially suitable for experiments in which high energy intensity and long time irradiation are needed. Equipped with band filter, it can be used to evaluate the catalytic performance. The light source has been ordered by over hundred domestic laboratories, including the most famous laboratory in photocatalysis. Today, PLS-SXE300 (or PLS-SXE300UV) has become the standard light source of photocatalytic performance.

Institute of Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Science), Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (Chinese Academy of Science), Keking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Fuzhou University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Oxford...
Electric power: 300W
The range of power adjustment: 150-300 W (continual adjustment)
Maximum current: 22 A
Optical power: 50 W
The parallel light beam size: 30-60 mm
The divergence angle of parallel light: average 6 degree
Cooling module: metal fan and metal cooling module
Standard configurations:
Special stabilized current supply for 300 W xenon light source
Lamp box and cooling module
Optical switching and filter equipments
Transmission-reflection filter
Import 300 W xenon lamp
The introduction document
Entended configuration:
Various types of filters (please referring to the part of filters)
Substituted xenon lamp
Standard reactor or reaction system (please referring to the part of reactor and system)
The reactor or reaction system can be altered according to customer's demand