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CHF-XM500 Xenon light source system
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Product Description

CHF-XM500 is a multi-purpose and extensively-used light source system. It has been wildly used in the research field of solar cell. More than 300 Laboratories at home or abroad have ordered this product. CHF-XM500 light source can also be used in the field of photoelectric response, surface photovoltage, bio-photochemistry, photocatalysis, and surface defects analysis except for solar cell. The light source system can be used alone or be combined with other analytic test system. The light source system can be ordered flexibly according to customer's demand. The system is equipped with a high reliable and stable current supply with own intellectual property rights. It can be used as point light source, parallel light source, or fiber output irradiation when equipping with different accessories.
Institute of Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Science), Institite of Physics (Chinese Academy of Science), Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (Chinese Academy of Science), Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Jilin University...
Electric power: 500 W
The range of current adjustment: 15 A-25 A
Point light output beam size: 4-6 mm
Parallel light output beam size: 50 mm
Spectral range: 200 nm-2500 nm
Applied spectral range: 220 nm-1200 nm
Parallel light uniformity: <+-5% (solar cell test with dimension of 2x2 cm)
Zoom function: Yes (the size of light output can be changed)
Standard configuration:
Special stabilized current supply
Lamp box and optical focus system
Domestic 500 W xenon lamp
Introduction document
Optional configuration:
A set of K9 parallel light lens
A set of quartz parallel light lens
The filters for solar spectrum correction
Optical switching
Optical fiber linkage and output device